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Colin Campbell

Colin J. Campbell, Ph.D. Oxford, (born in Berlin, Germany in 1931) is a retired British petroleum geologist who predicted that oil production would peak by 2007. The consequences of this are uncertain but drastic, due to the world’s dependence on fossil fuels for the vast majority of its energy. His theories have received wide attention but are disputed by some in the oil industry and have not significantly changed governmental energy policies at this time. In order to deal with declining global oil production, he has proposed the Rimini protocol.

Influential papers by Campbell include The Coming Oil Crisis, written with Jean Laherrère in 1998 and credited with convincing the International Energy Agency of the coming peak; and The End of Cheap Oil, published the same year in Scientific American. He was referred to as a “doomsayer” in the The Wall Street Journal in 2004.

The Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas, founded by Campbell in 2000, has been gaining recognition in the recent years. The Association has organized yearly international conferences since 2002. The most recent was in Denver, Colorado on 11-13 October 2009.

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